Aum namo narayanaya !

Madamon "Hrishikesha Temple" is located in Ranni-Perunad Panchayat of Ranni Taluk, Pathanamthitta District of Kerala. The temple was renovated before 47 years back .Presently the temple is not in a very good shape – damaged walls leaking roof and leaky sancum sanctorum.This condition creates lot of problem not only to the temple but all to the devotes of Madamon and Mahavishnu It is very essential that the temple is properly re constructed to re-establish the past glory and bring peace and prosperity to this region. Necessary plans are prepared by the chief priest Brahamsree Kantaru Rajeevaru & Famous temple architecture Brahmasree Kanipayoor Krishnan Nambootiripad ;The construction is very costly and initial estimate indicates expenditure almost more than 1 crore rupee.Temple renovation committee appeals to all good heated devotees of lord Mahavishnu to liberally contribute their might for this noble case. Hari Aum